Make payments simple and secure
with Android Pay

Now available on your AndroidTM device

Android Pay is accepted anywhere you can make contactless payments across Singapore. Start shopping at your favourite stores and apps today!

Simple setup

Once you have the Android Pay app, you can load your Mastercard credit or debit cards from participating issuers and use them with Android Pay.

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Easy to use

Look for the contactless symbol wherever you shop. To use your Mastercard with Android Pay, simply wake your device and tap to the terminal to pay. You don't even need to open an app.

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Android Pay for in app purchase

Simple select Android Pay at checkout when you are making in app purchase and leave the rest to us.

Secure payments

When you make a purchase with Android Pay, a unique number is used instead of your actual card information. Plus, you'll also benefit from Zero Liability coverage and only Mastercard provides its cardholders with services free of charge to help detect and resolve identity theft.