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Protecting what matters

Everyone has ways to protect the things that matter.
An extra lock. Safety gear. Lucky charms. Door alarms.

At Mastercard, we're just as committed to protecting you when you shop online.
It's why we have a range of safety and security features. Learn about them here through the actions of people just like you, and us. 

The ones who protect.

You're protected when you shop online

e-Commerce Protection

Covering your purchases against physical damage, incomplete delivery and non-delivery

Liability Protection

Making sure you only pay for purchases you've actually made

Transaction Alerts

Messages that notify you whenever your card is used

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Mastercard SecureCode

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Protecting you in every way


A Personal Identification Number (PIN) works with your EMV chip to keep your money secure every time you use your Mastercard.

EMV (Chip Technology)

A microchip in your card safely houses all your data and encrypts every transaction for greater security.

Mastercard Global Service

Emergency card replacement and cash advance in the event your card goes missing.

Mastercard Identity Check

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Mastercard Identity Check helps verify that your purchases are truly yours while giving you a seamless payment experience.

Wallet Protection Insurance

Available for World and World Elite™

Get worldwide coverage and reimbursement of costs associated with replacing your lost or stolen wallet or cards.

*Terms and conditions apply for e-commerce protection, transaction alerts and liability protection.

To learn about the benefits available with your credit or debit Mastercard, contact your issuing financial institution. Benefits described above vary by card type and by issuing financial institution. Refer to your issuing financial institution for complete benefit coverage terms and conditions. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Lost your card?

If you need to report a lost or stolen card or if you need assistance with your Mastercard, please call us on 1-636-722-7111 or one of the toll-free numbers listed under Global Contacts.