Just Tap & Go®

Mastercard contactless technology lets consumers make everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap of a contactless-enabled card or device — wherever the universal contactless symbol is displayed. Checkout is easier than ever, and it’s faster than fumbling with cash.

Contactless is accepted globally at retail stores, fast-food restaurants, pharmacies, transit points of entry and grocery and convenience stores. You’ll even find contactless in taxicabs and vending machines.

Safe and secure

Encryption — unique to every purchase — protects transaction data, and the card or device never leaves the consumer's hand, reducing the risk of loss or counterfeit. What’s more, safeguards are in place to bill consumers only once if they accidentally tap twice. A contactless-enabled credit, debit or prepaid Mastercard card or device is one of the most secure ways to pay.

By adding contacless to M/ChipTM issuance, you're opening the door to powerful benefits. In addition to adding convenience for your cardholders, contactless can help you increase spending, displace cash and attain top of wallet status.

Potential benefits for issuers

Higher spend

  • Incremental spend -- consumer not limited to cash on hand
  • Incremental transactions -- results from increased usage 
  • Expected increases in swiped/dipped transactions

Cash displacement

  • Replacement of cash purchases now paid with contactless-enabled cards and devices

Reduced attrition

  • Reduction in incentives paid by bank toward account retention
  • Opportunity costs avoided -- fewer customers switching banks or moving competitors' products to top of wallet

Cardholder benefits

  • Enables secure payment with mobile phone
  • Provides a faster, simple, and safe way to pay for purchases
  • Offers greater convenience, eliminating the need to restrict spending to cash on hand
  • Allows cardholder to maintain control during purchases
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Turning every device into a commerce device

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